I craft interfaces, design and code websites and create illustrations.

TVCine & Séries

TVCine website screenshot

Website for cable TV channel pack TVCine. I was involved from the first ideas for the pitch to the final design decisions and front-end development.

Skills used

Web design, UX, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

Germano Franco website

germanofranco.com website screenshop

Website for my father's business. He runs a company dedicated mainly to vine harvesting. I took the project as motivation to learn new areas I wasn't so confortable with and ended up doing everything from logo, design and UX to front-end, illustration, animation and copywriting. The final result is a very modern website that stands from the competitors, running the latest techniques and technologies: responsive web design, mobile first aproach with progressive enhancement in mind, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, HTML5 video, javascript and jQuery.

Skills used

UI, UX, strategy, web design, responsive web design, front-end development, illustration, animation

IndieLisboa App and website

Indie Lisboa App website screenshop

I was responsible for the UI and UX design of Indie Lisboa Festival's iOS app. I was also responsible for the design and development of the website promoting it, UI, UX, HTML5, CSS3 and responsive web design techniques.

Skills used

UI, UX, web design, responsive web design, front-end development

Licor Beirão's website redesign

Licor Beirão website redesign proposal screenshot

A proposal for the redesign of the famous Portuguese liquor "Licor Beirão", with a responsive web design approach.

Skills used

UI, web design, responsive web design

IKEA - Dr. Móvel

IKEA Dr. Movel iPad app photo

Customer relationship management iPad app for IKEA Portugal's collaborators. I was in charge of the UI and UX of the whole app, working close to client and developer from start to finish.

Skills used

UI, UX, Icon Design

Maze Restaurant

Maze restaurant logo

Logo for Maze, a small local restaurant.

Skills used

Logo design


RiD feed reader concept screenshot

When Google announced the end of Google Reader I spent some time putting together what would be a more modern, cleaner alternative to it, from main features to the look and feel.

Skills used

Web design, UI, UX, wireframing, product design

Web Shop Design

Webshop screenshot

A web shop design focused on content, function, structure and information hierarchy.

Skills used

Web design, wireframing, information architecture

Sanindusa Redesign

Sanindusa redesign proposal

A complete redesign of the website for Sanindusa, a portuguese company that specializes on premium quality sanitary ware.

Skills used

Web design, UI

IKEA Sofas Campaign

IKEA Sofas Campaign

While working at Up Digital, I helped with the design and front-end of an app for IKEA Portugal, running inside their existing website. The app helped promote a new sofa free shipping campaign. We worked closely with IKEA, iterating through multiple design solutions and finding an engaging experience that ultimately resulted in a super successful campaign.

Skills used

Web design, UX, Interaction Design, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery


Mundideias website

Website for Mundideias company. I was responsible for the design, from wireframing to high fidelity mockups and finally materializing it through HTML5, CSS3 and a splash of Javascript and jQuery, delivering an elegant and modern responsive website.

Skills used

Web design, wireframing, responsive web design, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, jQuery

Bitmap Brew

Bitmap Brew Logo

Logo design for an indie game development studio. Created in collaboration with Carlos Leituga.

Skills used

Logo design, Branding

The Tree

Tree illustration

Digital illustration. Wacom Bamboo on Photoshop.

Skills used

Digital illustration


OVERPOPULOUS pixelart illustration

A project for Ludum Dare 22: a game development competition where you must create a game in 72 hours, based on a given theme ("Tiny Planet" in this edition). I was the lead artist and animator for Make a Game team. Our game, Ovepopulous, made it to 18th place, out of 400 games.

Other Ludum Dare projects:
Eggscape (LD20, 10th place out of 90)
alone I art (LD21, 4th place out of 174)

Skills used

Pixel art, illustration, animation, game design

Retro Revival

Retro revival pixelart illustration

Pixel art illustration.

Skills used

Pixel art, illustration

Pixel art animation

Character concept and pixel art illustration and animation for a mobile game currently in development.

Skills used

Pixel art, animation, illustration, game design
Tiago Franco


My name is Tiago Franco. I'm a 26 year old designer and front-end developer. I strive for simple and easy to use interfaces while keeping them beatiful and powerful. UI and UX are a big part of what I do. When I’m not designing, I’m coding those same interfaces with HTML and CSS and a splash of Javascript.

In my free time I enjoy illustration and animation, specially for video games.

I enjoy being part of a multi disciplinary team, working with people from design, development and business fields to deliver a meaningful product or service.

SKILLS: Web design, responsive web design, UI, UX, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Javascript, jQuery, traditional and digital drawing, pixelart, animation.

PREVIOUS CLIENTS: IKEA, ZON, Microsoft, Samsung, Toshiba, easyJet, Rock in Rio Lisboa, Indie Lisboa, Uniplaces, among others.

LANGUAGES: Portuguese (native) and english (B2).

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