by Tiago on 12/16/2011

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At the Arcade

by Tiago on 12/13/2011

Long time without a post. Here’s something I did in a few minutes.

I miss arcade saloons.

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App design

by Tiago on 10/7/2011

Spent all day in this app.

Sneak peak, woo!

I’m designing an app for a big retail company. Trying new things with textures and volume, really excited about how it’ll end like!

By the way, does anybody have a dribbble envite? :)

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by Tiago on 09/16/2011

Discarded study I made a while ago in Illustrator. Too Lego/Playmobil like. Still fun to do, though!

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OSU! Karate Teacher

by Tiago on 09/15/2011

This a rather old one…


Free Vector Guitars

by Tiago on 09/15/2011

I made these vector electric guitars about a year ago, after failing to find decent ones in my searches.

There’s seven famous electric guitars included in the Illustrator file:

  • Gibson Les Paul
  • Gibson SG
  • Gibson Explorer
  • Gibson Flying V
  • Fender Stratocaster
  • Ibanez Iceman
  • Gibson ES-335

Give credits when possible. Feedback is welcome!


This is how I roll

by Tiago on 09/8/2011

Actually this is how I used to roll: an 80’s Toyota Hiace: no power steering, under-the-steering-wheel side gear stick, 9 seats, and a huge apetite for diesel. My friends call it “Alarkamobile”. Perfect for road trips! I drive fancier wheels nowadays, not as fun to drive, though… :)

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Ramona Flowers

by Tiago on 08/31/2011

Wacom on Photoshop. Have I told you that I’m a huge Scott Pilgrim fan? I’ve been delaying a re-read for so much time now…


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Features to Come

by Tiago on 08/31/2011

I’m making a list of features to come newer versions of my website in the next months:

  • Modernizr support: this implies graceful degradation via feature detection. This way older browser users can enjoy the site’s content;
  • New details in the about page, contact form and freelance availability status;
  • Introdution video and showreel in the homepage (not so soon, I want to do it the right, cool way);
  • Multiple pictures for each project;
  • New styling and presentation for project information and details;
  • Sharing via Facebook and Twitter;
  • Mobile version (this one will take a while);
  • Responsive web design features: layout adapts to your browser’s size (not so soon, though);
  • Stability and load time improvements and optimizations;
  • Bug fixes (these will be the first and last things to do).
For the blog:
  • Custom made WordPress theme matching the websites visual and structure;
  • Twitter feed;
  • Search, categories list;
  • Sharing tools;
  • A lot of cool stuff I’ve been doing recently that doesn’t feel exactly right in the website’s front page.
Any feature not listed that you would like to see?
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Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions

by Tiago on 08/30/2011

I’ve got a lot of “work in progress” files in my illustration folder. Time to show some of them!

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